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I read international business law while my eighth-grade friends were playing dodge ball. Now I've completed more deals than you've eaten french fries. Along the way, I've learned that grit, combined with returning calls on the same day, separates me from most. 


I spent ten years in Dallas as a lawyer. Then we moved our family of five to Waco. It's a beautiful place to raise a family. I realized that I had built up the Baylor Bears quite a bit when my five-year-old daughter said that the bear mascots must be sleeping because they ate "all them Longhorns." If you want to see too many pictures of my family, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


When I was a Dallas lawyer, I won awards from a variety of magazines and professional organizations. I also served as President of the Dallas Federal Bar Association. Being a lawyer taught me about SEC regulations, financial analysis, anti-bribery compliance, and internal controls. I am thankful for the experience as a trial lawyer because it is there where I had to think on my feet. It is essential to make complicated business ideas simple and create a persuasive argument on the spot in that job. It honed my critical thinking, listening, and communication to an outstanding level. 


Today, I'm building a record of distinction by tenacity, teamwork, and leadership. I manage a team that ensures compliance with millions of transactions, 4,500 franchise owners, and more than $2.5 billion in revenue. In this role, I've developed my interpersonal communication skills to put people at ease. And my professional presentation skills command respect in the C-suite. As a manager, I am reassuring, hands-on, and believe in lasting improvement. I lead teams on internal investigations, audits, and data analysis. I implement strategic planning, with attention to detail, while maintaining confidentiality on a daily basis. 

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