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Hamilton Lindley is a leader who believes in the power of energy, enthusiasm, and empathy. He leads a large team at a franchising company. Hamilton develops others into leaders by active listening, probing questions, and encouragement. Hamilton creates an atmosphere of respect, integrity, and customer focus. He is never satisfied with the status quo. Hamilton believes in continuous improvement. But he also creates a place where people can have fun, bond as a team, and be their true selves. Hamilton learned how to move others as a trial lawyer. In that job, it was essential to untangle intricate issues by thinking quickly and crafting persuasive arguments. The experience made him understand the importance of written and oral communication. Hamilton Lindley had to adjust his message depending on the audience. He has transferred those skills from the courtroom into the boardroom. 


Please watch these are videos of Hamilton P. Lindley of Waco, Texas, to learn more about him.